Wimbledon building companies: making the right choice


It’s summer time and that means people are starting to work on their homes outside. Wimbledon winters often leave their trace on roofs and gutters so you might need some maintenance even if you don’t know that.

If you are looking for Wimbledon building companies to help with the renovation or conversion or extension project around your house you know that it’s not an easy task to find a good company online.

Many reviews are fake or sponsored so you always need to give the company a call and have a conversation to see if they are adequate. You will see professionals from afar and know right away that they are asking you the right questions.

A good building company around Wimbledon will be ready to provide all kinds of services but at the same time do not fall for someone with low qualifications who actually pretend to be a professional in all fields.

If you see a company that claims to be perfect in both, for example roofing and bathroom renovation, then you should ask them how big they are. If it’s a large company then chances are it’s a legitimate operation with many specialists employed. But if it’s just a couple of contractors claiming to be good at everything that is a little suspicious. Do your research before hiring people because renovation tasks and the huge time and money sinks.

Request a free consultation where possible and invite them to take a look at your property so they can give an estimate – it’s a great way to filter out local companies from distant outsourcers that just sit on the phone and sell.

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