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Lord of the Dance

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Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance Taps Its Way Into Rosemont, IL’s (Rosemont Theatre for May 16 & 17 SHOWS; Tickets on sale NOW

Show Creator Flatley Performs on ABC Networks’ “Dancing With The Stars”

(Rosemont, IL) – (May 16 & 17, 2008) -- Fresh off the dancing heels of its 10th anniversary tour, Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance has announced its next lineup of more than 45 United States tour dates including (Rosemont, IL) on (May 16 & 17). Lord of the Dance will perform (3 shows) at the (Rosemont Theatre) on May 16 & 17 at 8pm, 2pm & 8pm. Tickets from $25.00 to $55.00 and are available at www.ticketmaster.com. For information visit www.lordofthedance.com.

National television gave a nod to Flatley, Lord of the Dance creator and artistic director, as he and cast members from Lord of the Dance were invited to perform November 20th on ABC’s hit reality television program “Dancing With The Stars.” The show is one of the nation’s highest viewed programs, with more than 21 million people tuning in at its peak. The thrilled studio audience clapped throughout and gave a standing ovation as Flatley and his hypnotizing dancers completed the routine; a response no different than that of the audience at each Lord of the Dance performance.

“That kind of reaction speaks directly to the quality of dancers who I have had the privilege to bring to the stage,” Flatley says. “They give of themselves in a way that is unique alone to Irish dancing, stretching a form of dance that has evolved over more than 2,000 years.” The dancers’ average age is 22, and each one has achieved individual recognition as a national dance champion. “Each one is a superstar,” Flatley adds.

More than 100 million people worldwide have seen Lord of the Dance -- the international Irish dancing extravaganza that has performed sold out shows at theaters, arenas and stadiums in over 67 countries. The show gets better with age, or maybe it’s simply good ol’ boy, strong, Irish stock. Lord of the Dance, a global phenomenon entering its 11th year of touring worldwide, has both.

“Our success demonstrates the hunger people have,” says Flatley, “to wholly submerge themselves into a world where dancers interpret every nuance of classic good versus evil through modern Celtic music.” Lord of the Dance has an ability to connect with the audience and initiate and captivate a new generation. Adding to the visceral and emotional impact are costumes, lighting and staging that are cinematic in scope. “Make no mistake,” adds Flatley, “’Lord of the Dance’ begins where modern theatre ends.”

Flatley, who originated the role of the Lord, is the company’s Artistic Director, a position he has held since the troupe’s stunning 1996 debut in Dublin. Eleven years later, his influence continues to resonate throughout every aspect of the production. Irish dance lovers and music fans alike will get a chance to experience the engaging, rhythmic adventure that has helped catapult Celtic dance mania and Irish dancing into the global spotlight. No wonder Lord of the Dance has jettisoned its ticket sales to more than $800 million worldwide. During its highly profitable four-year residency in Las Vegas, an estimated two million people danced along in their seats.

Lee Marshall, president of Magic Arts & Entertainment, the tour promoter and veteran of blockbuster entertainment events agrees. “This cast manages the impossible every night. The dancers spirit audiences to a time and place that is as imaginative as it is inviting.”

“Lord of the Dance is truly a worldwide phenomenon,” says Bob Cayne, co-promoter and president of Global Entertainment Group. “We are grateful for the chance to play a part in the worldwide success of this show.”

Flatley continues to oversee all aspects of the production. The first American to win the All-World Championship in Irish Dance, he was The Guinness Book of World Records holder for having "the world's fastest feet" at 35 taps per second.

Described by the New York Post as "fascinating, rewarding and above all, entertaining," and by the Los Angeles Times as "a showpiece extravaganza," Lord of the Dance is a
mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern Celtic music and dance. The story is based upon mythical Irish folklore as Don Dorcha, Lord of Darkness, challenges the ethereal lord of light, the Lord of the Dance. Battle lines are drawn, passions ignite and a love story fueled by the dramatic leaps and turns of dancers’ bodies begins to build against a backdrop of Celtic rhythm. The action is played out over 21 scenes on a grand scale of precision dancing, dramatic music, colorful costumes and state-of-the-art staging and lighting.

For more information, ticket sales or memorabilia, please visit www.lordofthedance.com

About Magic Arts & Entertainment
Magic Arts & Entertainment, headed by Lee Marshall and Joe Marsh, is one of the foremost tour producing companies in the United States. In addition to Lord of the Dance, the company is also currently producing the North American tours of "The Magic of David Copperfield,” The Farewell Tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar” starring Ted Neeley and ”All Shook Up.” As former owners of Magicworks Entertainment, Marshall and Marsh produced and promoted some of the world's most successful concerts, theatricals and family shows.

About Global Entertainment Group
Based in Las Vegas, Global Entertainment Group, Inc. has been part of the extraordinary worldwide success of Lord of the Dance since 1998. Global has booked or promoted the show in more than 30 countries where the show has been embraced by a variety of cultures and individuals from all walks of life. In addition, Global is actively involved in many other international entertainment productions, exhibits and live entertainment investments.