26 March, 2015
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Kontinent East is part of the Kontinent Media Group. The newspaper was originated in 1999 and it serves Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, MD; Fairfax, VA; and Boston MA. It deals with politics, ethnic issues, religion, and literature are just a few of the topics covered by the newspaper. The newspaper is distributed free in over 100 locations weekly and is read by over 40 thousand people. Kontinent East is the primary source of information for the Russian-speaking community. The newspaper takes a great pride in the professionally written articles, its classified, astrology, and entertainment sections as well as a TV guide page.

The newspaper caters to diverse tastes and generations. Kontinent East offers a combination of intellectual and practical information in English and Russian. It serves as a guide for best places to dine-out, businesses to patronize, where to obtain legal or medical help, etc. Kontinent East is a clever playmate that our readers look forward to every week. The newspaper has become a desired and welcomed guest in the Russian- speaking families.

Our advertisers prefer the newspapers from the Kontinent Media Group due to their reputation, wide reach, professionalism, and more importantly because they deliver customers to their business. The newspapers shun ineffective advertising clutter. Kontinent Media Group through its professionals in graphic and printing departments are prepared to do whatever you need, whatever it takes for your business to succeed in an advertising campaign with any of our newspapers. Do not miss out; pick up a copy to find out.


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