27 February, 2015
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Obzor Weekly is part of the Kontinent Media Group. Obzor is the fastest and the most popular growing newspaper in Chicago and Wisconsin. Obzor is released ones a week and is read by 50 thousand readers weekly. The newspaper is distributed at over 150 locations free of charge and a limited edition is sold at selected stores. As the saying goes Obzor Weekly free lasts half a day and for sale edition sells out during the week.

Obzor weekly offers its readers professionally written articles by journalists from local areas and all over the world. The newspaper offers articles written by journalists from U.S.A, Russia, Germany, Israel, and other countries. However, Obzor is not only limited to its unique selection of articles. The newspaper also offers a guide to local businesses, places to eat, dealerships, legal and medical help, etc. A TV guide to popular Russian television channel NTV likewise embraces the pages of the newspaper. One can also find astrology and crossword section and sought-after classified section that displays various up to date hot employment opportunities.

Many professionals, such as an Editor, Journalists, Correspondence, Graphic and Layout Department, Printing Department, and Advertising department carefully put the paper together. Perhaps, that is why when serious advertising campaigns are in the making advertisers give priority to Obzor Weekly to get the job done. Our departments work injunction to create eye-catching ads that are effective and entertaining. Obzor is read by social elites, professionals, business owners, college students, retired individuals, writers, and politicians in other words your potential clients. Obzor maintains clutter-free advertising that enables your business to gain an individual appeal.

While Obzor flies of the shelves our competitors watch in disbelief. We are not yellow pages or a newspaper that people use to wipe their feet with. We are one and only Obzor Weekly that simply offers a unique bland of interest areas that caters to every taste and generation. Pick one up and you will most definitely agree.


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