3 March, 2015
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Newspapers of the Kontinent Media Group are highly intellectual, informative and entertaining. Politics, economics, culture, literature, religion, entertaining stories are just a few of the topics that are covered by the newspapers. Gifted Russian writers and authors from all over the United States, Israel, and Russia contribute to our newspapers, making every issue a unique piece of journalism. Our newspapers are leading an ethnic newspaper that caters to the Russian-speaking community, no matter whether the origin is from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Georgia, Uzbekistan and many others from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe countries.
Since 1995, our primary goal has been to be an everyday guide for the Russian speaking population residing in the United States of America. To our readers we want to be a guiding light, an answer book, a caring adviser, a wise teacher, and a clever playmate. Therefore, we are filling our newspaper not only with intellectual information, but also with the practical information for everyday use. This includes the best places for going shopping, lunch or dinner, where to obtain medical or legal help, and much more.
We are always working to develop new and interesting projects. Our most recent project to captivate the Russian-speaking readers with its strictly content. Russian Kaleidoscope offers our readers an abundance entertianing articles, crosswords, scanwords, recipes, intriguing stories, caricatures, and astrological prognoses.
As a result, this combination of intellectual, entertaining and practical information in English and Russian has turned our newspapers into a most desired and welcomed \"guest\" in the Russian speaking families.
We take pride in serving the Russian-American speaking community and are looking forward to serving the community for years to come.
You could also find us online at www.kontinent.org where you will have a chance to read the latest articles, search the archives, and come across everything you missed in the latest issue.

Weekly newspapers of KONTINENT media group:

Kontinent East (NewYork, N.Y.; Newark, NJ, Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Rockville, MD.; Fairfax, VA.; Boston, MA)
Kontinent West (Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, CA)
Kontinent South (Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA)
Obzor Weekly (Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, Appleton, WI)
Russian Accent (Detroit, MI; Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, OH; Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Saint Louis, MO)

Monthly newspapers

Russian Kaleidoscope East (Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, MD)
Russian Kaleidoscope (Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, Appleton, WI)

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